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Scratch in Secondary Education: a research paper by Ortiz-Colon

OrtizMaruto16Quotes from Teaching with Scratch in Compulsory Secondary Education by A.M. Ortiz-Colón and J.L. Maroto Romo, 2016:

  • “The article analyzes the impact that the use of Scratch has in a group of students of Compulsory Secondary Education [Jaén, Spain]” […] “in the subject of Natural Science”.
  • “we have studied the evolution of creative thought and analyzed the considerations made by […] students and teachers.”
  • “The research results indicate that with the use of Scratch language students get better grades and are more motivated.”

This post also includes links to other Scratch research papers cited in the article.

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Scratch: A Different Approach to Coding

imageArticle de Mitchel Resnick (pare d’Scratch) i David Siegel (co-fundador Scratch Fundation): A different approach to coding

– “We are strong proponents of children learning to code, but we have concerns about the motivations and methods” […] “For us, coding is not a set of technical skills but a new type of literacy and personal expression, valuable for everyone, much like learning to write. We see coding as a new way for people to organize, express, and share their ideas.”

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