Scratch: A Different Approach to Coding

imageArticle de Mitchel Resnick (pare d’Scratch) i David Siegel (co-fundador Scratch Fundation): A different approach to coding

– “We are strong proponents of children learning to code, but we have concerns about the motivations and methods” […] “For us, coding is not a set of technical skills but a new type of literacy and personal expression, valuable for everyone, much like learning to write. We see coding as a new way for people to organize, express, and share their ideas.”

– “Young people use Scratch in many different settings […] They are learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for everyone in today’s society.”

– “Scratch is similar to other coding approaches in that it requires systematic, logical reasoning […] to learn a variety of problem-solving strategies, such as breaking complex problems into simpler parts and continually revising her projects when they didn’t work as expected.”

– “[Scratch] puts a high priority on children learning to express themselves creatively and to share their creations with others.”

– “In [other] activities, students are asked to program the movements of a virtual character navigating through a set of obstacles […] but it doesn’t allow them to express themselves creatively — or develop a long-term engagement with coding.”

– “[…] with Scratch, they begin to think of themselves differently, just as they do when they learn to write.”

– “principles for how to introduce coding:

  • Projects: […] to work on meaningful projects (not just puzzle-solving activities).
  • Peers: […] Coding shouldn’t be a solitary activity.
  • Passion: […] projects connected to their interests.
  • Play: encourage [to]  try new things, take risks, test the boundaries, learn from failures.


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